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19 June 2008 @ 09:51 pm
Ok, so my workout went pretty well.

I started with 2 three minute rounds on the heavy bag. The bag came off of the chain partially but I kept going through each round, then fixed it.

Next I hit some abs, weighted and not.

A two minute plank pose was grueling but I made it!

Then I ran again for 10 minutes, this time faster. Literally one minute into the run my calves began cramping, so I switched to dog and crab crawls for a few laps, then began running again and they were fine! Weird.

So glad tomorrow is Friday! Yay.

19 December 2007 @ 07:22 am
I finally was able to order the Matcha set from the Japanese site Ippodo.  It's basically the "source site" for the set I found on a California suppliers site.  

Well, going straight to Kyoto, even with shipping from Japan I will save OVER 20 bucks!  It's the same set.  The exact same thing.....geez.  Markup sucks.  

I want to try this Gamba's place soon guys!  

I drank a lovely cup of Oolong this morning.  It's Twinnings brand for Animefan, who likes that brand!  I usually trust Stash for my bagged teas, but Twinnings does a good job too.

For my loose leaf, I ordered from Special Teas, have no complaints, but no comparison either.  We'll see how Ippodo does for Japanese teas, and matcha.  I read a few things saying Ippodo is a very trusted, old Kyoto company, with reasonable prices, and good teas.....we'll see!  

Let's hope work goes smoothly today.  We aren't "too" busy right now (probably not good to say outloud!), I just want to get my stupid desk cleaned up again. I have all this crap that the issues are holding up the files, and when they all are ready to close, it'll be a mess to get them all out the door.  GRRRR

I got my ear cleaned at the docs last night (I swear the left could use it too, but they wouldn't do that one!), but point is their scale reads 7.5 pounds OVER what mine does.  NOW, I was wearing shoes, and a jacket, and it was night time, so add a few pounds right there.  Plus, it's not like even if that is my weight, it's all fat, I do have some muscle which weighs more than fat....but, I still feel I should be a few pounds lighter than that at my height.  So, I'll just keep going with the slightly lighter eating.  The only real difference after I decided to drop the holiday pounds was 1 piece of toast rather than 2 for breakfast, which saves approx.  100 cals.  a  day.  or 700 a week!  And, I find that I am not any more hungry during the morning.  Sooo a very appropriate change.

(Oh, that's a good hint by the way, drop something, like wasted cals from Soda and you'll get a lot fewer calories than you normally would.  If you drink a big soda it's probably 200 calories or over, what a waste!)  But true weight loss requrires a deficit of calories for a while.

The only other thing I should do, is up the cardio a little.  Which I hate, and never seem to be able to do, as I'd rather get a weight training session in usually. 
07 August 2007 @ 09:44 pm
Grueling day.  Oh why!  WHY!  What did I do to deserve all of this! LOL, ok, it's not that bad.  

At least everyone around me liberally vocalizes their frustrations.  Makes me feel not alone.

Plus, it leaves me free to swear, sigh, slam things around, look angry, talk to myself, and fit right in!

I was supposed to train abs tonight.  GRRR.  That didn't happen.  Tomorrow, now that I have no particular activity, I have time to train until I find a new one.

Tomorrow night, movie, and a single beer.  The only one I have in the house, plus it's not a cheat day.

Help me,  when is vacation again?  Not for TOO long.
30 July 2007 @ 06:14 pm
Restless restless night.  Our dreams are simply too big, our minds swimming with possibilities, adventures awaiting us.  Our first night in Japan.  With so much to do, one must attempt sleep, even if the idea is just too far from reality.  

The room, cozy.  Tea.  Bean filled pillow, but no blanket, a comforter won't do.  All in creamy white.  The Tokyo skyline at night, huge, enormous, glowing in all colors at once piercing yet soft.  

Night moves slowly, time passes in inches, hours upon hours.  Then, drifting, slowly into a kind of peace, we finally begin to rest into those big unfamiliar beds.  

Then, almost at the same moment, we arise.  Something strange has happened, something neither of us can quite comprehend.  We both look at the clock, run to the giant open window overlooking the extensive city.  We see a beautiful orange sphere reflecting off of the highrise made of sparkling glass that sits across the way.  The Sun!  It can't really be 4am.  The sun simply doesn't rise at 4am.  That has to be against some natural law.  But, sure enough we check all the clocks available to us, and it must be true.  

Blast.  How could we not think to shut that giant curtain the night before?  That's right, because the sun doesn't rise at 4am!  We almost made it to that place of dreams, yet it was not to be.

Nevermind.  We'll pull the soft plush chairs in hotel muave to the window, watch the world rise.  Watch the Land of the rising sun.  The name comes true.  Ants begin to crawl about in the light glow of day.  The orb of gold rises higher on the crystal like building we first saw this phenomenon in.  Things are happening below, things we are about to join in for the first time in this new city.  The waters gush from the park falls nearby.  We can't hear them so far away, but in our minds the sound is there.  It is lovely.  

Time to prepare now, day has arrived, breakfast is set.  The adventure begins this morning.
30 July 2007 @ 06:01 pm

I screwed up some things friday, but must have hurried to just get to the weekend, now I have to deal with them Monday morning!  Lovely.

I'm going to say today just barely made it to 3 stars, just because it was painful, but not dreafully long.

Enjoying a cup of Seattle's Best Cinnabon, however, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, literally!  Mmmmm.  If made just right, it is delicious.  But, I just used the last of it.

I ordered a few more books from the library, so I'll have something to read in a day or so!  That's good news.  

Other than that, just the dismal work days.  Still no confirmation on whether my vacation has been approved.   

What are my plans.......:
2 phone calls
oopps make that 3, that pesky little wedding I have to be in, that I know nothing about....
no workout tonight
wash clothes
there must be something important.
if I can't think of anything, I'll just do not much of anything....

This is funny, here I sit, just saying any old damn useless thing for the heck of it on this journal.  It's not for private stuff anyway.  But, I haven't been writing in my real journal anyway lately.   Nothing juicy enough to detail!  lol.  Naw.   I don't know.  

I do know this,  I want none of our plans to fall through, and that includes AC people!  When are we going!!  

I'll end this here before I get started, I am too lazy to remove the mysterious iitalics. Or the extra i.

Current Mood: ditzyditzy
30 July 2007 @ 07:19 am

Good Morning Monday!  What a lovely day you are.  Why?  Because you challenge me to keep my attitute positive, but it never quite works does it!  

All I could think of at 5am, when I was awaken by some sound or another is what excuse I could use to call in "sick".  What a perfect Monday if I could just stay in bed all day!  Then, mid day get up, eat lunch, go for  a ride, watch a movie, read, and all with no one home to pester me!  

Seeing as I NEVER call i sick, even if I am..... well that was just a lovely fantasy.  So off to work I shall go, getting more bored and restless and irritable by the days, waiting desperately to get my vacation week for September approved. Wondering what I REALLY want to spend my days doing.  What a waste it all is.

Damn, I just realize, I'll have to call stupid stupid tech support because they half assed the job of getting my program installed by putting creppy little black shield and black V icons on my desk top, then saying they'd call back, and never doing so!  What the hell is that about!!!!!

So how do I really feel about this job?  I don't dislike it at all, the job, the little perks, etc are all fine.  Especially compared to the crap jobs I worked before....it's not that.  It's just me feeling lazy I guess.  Just not wanting to go in and wasting my days away doing the same old crap, and restless wondering about what I would rather do.  I don't know.  Does that mean I'm discontent afterall?  Should I look for something else come November, or hang in there some more???? 

Time shall tell I guess.  I just don't want to get in a rut, and not change because I am too "comfortable".  I can already tell, all those plans I have..... I am not putting them into action.  Just pondering them, and then off to work I go!  Here we go, have to make money first, worry about all else later.  Can't risk anything, lest things not work out.  

It's all too frightening.  I want to hide under my blanky for....ever....safe...but never safe.....

I didn't ask for this adult stuff.  I don't think I like it!

Current Mood: crappycrappy
29 July 2007 @ 01:51 pm
Practically half of my gunpowder green tea literally went down the sink today!  AHHH!!!!  The second infustion is delicious too.  Very smokey.  I think Gunpowder green, and Jasmine green are two favorites, Sencha, good sench, is wonderful tea.  Earl Grey,  Mmmm.

I love the weekend.  It's starting to be the only thing worth looking forward to, and on a good weekend everthing feels better for a little, on a bad weekend, it's just disappointing.  Is that the sound of a rut being etched into the path in front of me?  I hope not.

I have plans, I will not have them stamped out.  I refuse.  REFUSE.

Ok, let's just think about tea again, and burritos, and bbq, oh and my roast beast sandwich post workout today.....
Current Mood: crankycranky
28 July 2007 @ 12:11 pm
This weekend is the International Kuoshu tournament in Hunt Valley Maryland.  Last year, through searching, I found this tournament, and as luck would have it, a very good chinese martial arts schoo.

My goal was to be ready for competition perhaps by this years tournament.  Instead I stopped going to the school within a few months after starting my job....it felt more important to concentrate on keeping the job, then softball came up....and what do you know another year wasted, not doing something I feel drawn to doing.

Am I just to lazy to be a real serious martial artist?  I need to get my motivation back, return to studying, enjoy training and learning, and do it before time passes me by, and this time, dropping out is not an option.  I want to go talk to sifu about returning as soon as softball ends.
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
28 July 2007 @ 11:51 am
I had a really nice workout last night, hitting the back and biceps, not overdoing it still though. I am trying to work my way back up the the muscle stamina I had before the mini injuries stalled training, so I don't overdo it.  A little soreness the next day means I at least got a decent workout.

I've also started running 50 "laps" in my basement after a workout, some slow, some medium, and some sprinting laps.  

So, now I feel ok about my cheat day.  I already polished off a chicken bbq.  Half a chicken, baked potato, roll, 2 sugar cookies, and soy milk.  Breakfast was 2 whole grain waffles (no eggs unlike most days).

Next, Burritos!  "Over One Pound of Burrito goodness!"
Current Mood: hungryhungry
26 July 2007 @ 06:17 pm
Ok,  I'm just going to jump on into things.  

I can't wait for my food eating weekend!  I've been starved all week, I could beat Kobayashi in a hotdog contest this week!

I have been obsessing over the burrito place a friend and I are planning on going to Saturday.  I mean, can't stop thinking about burritos.  

I also want to try a Cajun restaurant and get GATOR!

Thirsty for beer....

hungry for  evvveeerrryyyy thing.  

I'm also doing a chicken bbq saturday,  save room!  

Yes, this is terribly random, I have nothing of use to post.
Current Mood: hungryhungry